Basics (2)

• If everyone was vegan how could you grow plants for everyone? Wouldn’t we run out of space?

What do you think the animals you eat feed on?
In order to produce 1lb of edible meat, an animal needs to eat up to 5lb or grain and drink thousands of gallons of water.
Eating plants would in fact require 80% less land than what we use now. Land that could be restored back into the forests they were 50-100 years ago – forests that continue to be cut down to meet the growing demand for animal products.

• Can’t plants feel pain?

In order for any being to feel pain plants would require a central nervous system and a brain to process that signal.
Animals evolved pain together with their ability to run away from it. It does not make sense for immobile life to feel pain since they have no means to avoid it. This is actually even true to immobile animals like sea sponges, starfish and oysters – all devoid of a central nervous system.

Other (6)

• Do vegans think they are better people?

No. We have simply managed to overcome some of the cultural and cognitive biases that make it hard for humans to examine ethical issues based on the facts. We look at the issue logically rather than relying on custom and culturally-ingrained but largely unquestioned beliefs.
We think the way we behave towards other animals is more ethical. We’re perhaps better able to see that it is wrong to do unnecessary harm to others, no matter what society tells us.

• What would happen if humans would stop consuming meat? What would we do with all the animals? And if we stopped hunting, wouldn’t the animal populations grow to big?

It is unlikely humans would stop consuming meat overnight, it’s more likely they would slowly reduce their consumption.
However fast we switch our diets, it is always possible to keep all the animals and care for them until they die naturally.
Hunting only reduces populations deemed too big for humans, though they are completely natural and generally control itself with supply/demand of food. If anything it’s the human population that needs controlling – most animal species exist in a fraction of the numbers they existed 100s of years ago.
Some introduced species (like rats in Australia) would simply need to be relocated into the habitat they naturally evolved in.

• What’s carnism?

Carnism is the belief system, or ideology, in which it’s considered ethical to consume (certain) animals. Carnism is essentially the opposite of vegetarianism or veganism.
Carnism was coined by social psychologist Dr. Melanie Joy in 2001. Dr. Joy claims that because carnism is a dominant, violent ideology it has remained unnamed and invisible so that meat eating has seemed a given rather than a choice; according to Joy, when eating meat isn’t a necessity for survival, it’s a choice, and choices always stem from beliefs. Joy maintains that because of the violence inherent in carnism (modern meat production requires intensive and extensive violence toward animals), the system uses a set of social and psychological defense mechanisms to distort people’s perceptions and block their awareness and empathy when they eat meat, enabling humane people to participate in inhumane practices without realizing what they’re doing.
Joy suggests that carnism exists across cultures where eating meat is a choice rather than a necessity. In meat-eating cultures around the world people tend to find a small handful out of thousands of animal species edible and view the rest as disgusting.
According to Joy, though the type of animal consumed may change, the belief system itself does not. And, Joy argues, in modern, meat-eating societies, the species a culture deems edible is not based on logic or economics but simply on conditioning.
Joy distinguishes carnists (those who eat meat) from carnivores—which are animals, human or nonhuman, that need to ingest flesh to survive—and also from omnivores—which are animals that can survive ingesting either plant and animal matter. “Carnivore” and “omnivore” refer to one’s biological predisposition, but when eating meat is a choice this behavior is based on ideology, not biology. Joy also says that the term “meat eater” is inaccurate in that it presents the behavior as though it were divorced from a belief system—which is why, for example, vegetarians are not referred to as “plant eaters”. Joy also explains that the term “carnist” is meant to be descriptive, not pejorative, just as, for instance, Buddhist, capitalist, or socialist simply describe a person who acts in accordance with a particular belief system.
You can read her book “Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows” which she explains the term in detail.

• What’s speciesism?

Speciesism is the assigning of different values or rights to beings on the basis of their species membership.
Speciesism is discrimination, and like all discrimination it overlooks or underestimates the similarities between the discriminator and those discriminated against.
Speciesists not only give more value to their own species, humans, they may also value a dog more than a pig, a dolphin more than a shark, etc.

• What do you consider to be the most effective way to promote veganism within your circle of influence?

You need to show them that veganism can be easy, healthy and most importantly, delicious!
A good way to do that is to invite them to yours and make them a good typical vegan meal but also make snacks with vegan meat substitutes – most people are surprised how good those are. Pizza with vegan cheese is also a really good idea.
The other thing I believe is important to do is to show how easy it is by going to regular restaurants and ordering a nice vegan meal, to show them how you can always find alternatives no matter where you go.
What I like to do is never to start the subject of animals rights and veganism and wait until they ask me about it. And then never continue the conversation unless they ask you more. There’s a lot of information to take in and people will be more open when the interest comes from them.
Lastly, I would say present them with a challenge – to see if they can do it for 2 weeks. It may seem like a long time but you need to tell them that the first week will seem more difficult as they learn about nutrition and alternatives, and then it gets easier from there. If they only try for 1 week they’ll think it’s difficult without realising that it gets easier and second nature later on.
Try to show them the Earthlings documentary (www.watchearthlings.com) which surprises most people about it all. I know how hard it can be to watch, but if you can stomach it, watch it together with them so you can talk about it straight after.
And I also highly recommend the book Eating Animals and The China Study. Both very good reads and extremely informative even for long-time vegans.

• I’m vegan and I want to have a dog. Can he be vegan too?

Dogs, like us, and unlike cats, are omnivores and can live a healthy life on vegetables alone. You can find special vegan dog food here:http://store.veganessentials.com/vegan-dog-food-c144.aspx and you can also find many sites with vegan dog food recipes and information with this Google Search:http://www.google.com/search?rls=en&q=vegan+dog+food+recipe
Make sure you get a dog from a shelter though – I read that 30k dogs are euthanized every single day in the US alone.

Recipes (1)

• Do you have any easy meals that are high in iron and calcium?

Some foods that are high in both iron and calcium are broccoli, kale, tofu and chickpeas. Many other beans and vegetables contain varying amounts. A couple of meal ideas:
A stir fry with tofu, broccoli, carrots, cabbage and onions served over brown rice.
Pita with hummus and a side of steamed kale.

Biology (4)

• But studies show that humans evolved large brains because they ate meat.

That is far from being an established fact. But even if it were true, how we evolved is not relevant to the ethics of what we should eat now that we do not need to eat other animals in order to be healthy.

• Don’t lions eat other animals too? It’s the circle of life! It’s natural!

Lions do many things that we don’t consider moral – that’s because they have no moral judgement.
They will defecate in front of each other, mark territory by urination, kill cubs who were not fathered by them – not to mention they walk around without clothes.
So, if you are going to excuse all your actions based on what lions do, be prepared to get into a lot of trouble with the police.
Besides, lions are obligate carnivores, unlike us they cannot survive unless they eat other animals.
Protein is plentiful in several plants and grains.
– Nuts
– Beans / Soy
– Lentils
– Mushrooms
– Broccoli
– Quinoa
To name just a few.
Vegans rarely even think about their intake of protein because as long as you have a varied diet you will get all the protein that you need.

• But what are our canine teeth for then?

Human canines are minuscule compared to many carnivores and even some herbivores (like the gorilla). http://bit.ly/cXn0JF
And our teeth are probably proportionally smaller than any other primates – who, by the way, are mostly herbivorous/fruitiforous.
Human canines are adept for tearing fruits like apples, oranges, berries etc.
Then aside from the canines, our anatomies point to several different reasons why a plant-based diet is the one we evolved to follow. You can view this PDF with comparisons: http://www.naturalhealthwizards.com/Ideal_Diet.pdf

• But we are omnivores!

Omnivore literally means “eater of everything” and is a term that was actually disputed by Darwin.
Omnivores are in essence, opportunistic animals who will seek the easiest source of nutritious food – if that happens to be an animal or insect, they’ll eat it, if it’s a plant, they’ll eat it. It’s a matter of survival and nutrition, not of absolute necessity to ingest BOTH plant or meat as many people think.
In certain cultures, like in rural Africa or the Arctic, the term omnivore or even carnivore can still apply because those humans could not survive without eating animals – so even though they are harder to get and less nutritious, it’s either that or death.
In our culture we are fortunate to have any food we want, and when eating meat is a choice, not a necessity, it becomes an ideology – which was coined carnism.

Transition (9)

• I’m an avid vegetarian & would love to become vegan, but how can I do that on a limited budget that can’t afford ‘Whole Foods’ shopping?

You can start by replacing dairy and eggs with beans, which are actually less expensive. Tofu and mushrooms are also high in protein, and even some vegetables like broccoli and greens have a lot of protein. If you eat mostly whole grains, beans, a variety of vegetables, with small amounts of seaweed, seeds (like pumpkin) and nuts, you should be able to get all the nutrition you need. If you eat plenty of brown rice and mushrooms you’ll get all your B vitamins. The only supplement you’ll need is B12, which is inexpensive. Get the liquid or tablets that dissolve under the tongue since they are absorbed best.

• I’ve been a strict vegan for two weeks now, and I’m really impressed with how I look and feel. My acne’s cleared up significantly and I have more energy. However, some of my family doesn’t agree with my choice to be vegan. How can I express my values?

You can explain that you consider it unethical to harm and kill anyone unnecessarily, no matter what their species. With very rare exceptions, humans can be healthy on a vegan diet. So there is no justifiable reason to use other animals for food. Your family members may disagree, but you can gently explain to them that they have no right to ask you to behave in a way that you consider unethical just to make them more comfortable.
If they object on the grounds that it may not be healthy, you can tell them that after an exhaustive study of the available data (and there’s a lot!) the US ADA concluded that a well-planned vegan diet is healthy for people at all stages of life, including pregnancy and infancy.

• I tried to become vegan as my New Years revelation but it ended in utter failure. Any tips?

Changing your diet to any kind will always have a learning curve. I found the first week or 2 that I went vegan I had to spend longer in the supermarket reading ingredients to make sure they didn’t contain animal products.
After that initial visit, you can just go and stock up on the foods you know are vegan, and can slowly discover other foods you can eat.
If you like cooking, a simple Google search for “easy vegan meal OR recipe” will give you plenty of results. Not to mention all the vegan cookbooks you can find on Amazon.
I stay try to stick with it for a month, after that it totally becomes second nature.

• A lot of vegan meat and dairy substitutes use soy, which I am allergic to:-( Can you please recommend a list of vegan products that don’t contain soy. Thank you 🙂

There are plenty out there. Seitan is a common substitute and it’s made of wheat. Daiya cheese (in the US) doesn’t contain soy either.
As for milk, there are plenty of alternatives, at least in the US. Oatmilk, rice milk, hemp milk, almond milk and coconut milk. All soy free!
You can also replace meat with mushrooms in many recipes. They have a similar enough consistency and are high in protein too.

• Do you ever miss eating meat? Animal rights and moral obligations aside, is there ever a day you think “I could really go for a steak right now” ?

I know some vegans may answer this differently – but personally no. The thought of it grosses me out now completely.
This feeling gets stronger with time too. Even if I had a companion chicken who laid eggs, I would feel disgusted eating them, whereas before scrambled eggs were my favorite meal.
Your taste often change together with your views.
Once you see meat and animal products for what they really are, it’s nearly impossible to see them as appetizing.

• But then what do I eat? How can I get started?

Boy there’s so much to eat I don’t even know where to start.
Firstly there are the vegan meals you may already eat like pasta with tomato sauce, beans on toast (if you’re british), oatmeal, soups, salads, etc.
Then there are all the substitutes that you can get. From ice creams, to meats, to pizza, to burger, to butter, to mayo, to cheeses – you can eat delicious meals that didn’t cause any harm and which are better for your health too.
The brands and variety will depend in which country you live in.
In the US WholeFoods and Trader Joes are very vegan friendly. In the UK most supermarkets will stock vegan meals, and you can find some great stuff in Holland & Barrette too.
Here’s a list from Trader Joes with all their vegan items:
And a simple google or amazon search for “easy vegan meal” will get you a ton or results too!

• I think veganism must be very hard and inconvenient. I don’t want to have to always worry about what I eat. I like variety too!

It’s not hard at all. You may go through a week or 2 where you’ll need to learn the foods that contain animal products, then after that it is just normal.
You get plenty of variety with vegan meals, and you can easily substitute animal meat with plant proteins like Gardenin, Boca burgers, Seitan, Tofurky, etc.
You don’t eat dogs, dolphins nor monkeys but you don’t consider your diet to be any less varied because of that.
I would encourage you to try it for 2 to 4 weeks and see how it goes.
As a piece of advice, most restaurants always have a vegan option, but don’t be afraid to ask if they can make one of the dishes without the animal product – it is often possible and really good too.
Here’s a list by Trader Joes of all their vegan products:

• But I hate plants! I couldn’t live on salads!

You may be surprised to learn that many vegans are not too keen on greens either. Luckily there are plenty of alternatives.
Pasta, oats, sandwich, veggie burgers, potatoes, rice along with soy protein, tomato sauce, beans, daiya cheese , vegenaise, and the usual vegetables that you already like.
Wholefoods and Trader Joes are your friends!
For dessert you can have dairy free ice cream, sorbet and most other desserts you like can be found without animal products.
http://www.gonepie.com is an amazing online vegan bakery.

• But I love meat too much! And bacon!

Many vegans did too. The difference is in priorities. Taste is not a moral justification for violence. Only survival is, and you can survive on plants.
Here’s an excerpt from the fantastic book “Eating Animals” by Safram Foer:
“Why is taste, the crudest of our senses, exempted from the ethical rules that govern our other senses? If you stop and think about it, it’s crazy. How would you judge an artist who mutilated animals in a gallery because it was visually interesting? How beautiful would the sound of a tortured animal need to be to make you want to hear it that badly? Try to imagine any end other than taste for which it would be justifiable to do what we do to animals.”
Besides, you learn to love other foods – foods that you didn’t even know existed – and that caused no harm.

Morality (8)

• What’s wrong with eating fish though? They live freely and I don’t think they can feel pain.

Fish is actually one of the worse animals you can eat for several reasons. To name a few:
1- They do possess a central nervous system and can experience pain and fear like us. They all die by asphyxiation or by being squeezed to death by other fish in the net.
2- In order to catch fish, nets that are literally miles long are thrown into the ocean and catch everything in their path. It is estimated that up to 40% of catches are what’s called “bicatch” – these are all kinds of animals that humans don’t see fit to eating and who are thrown back dead into the ocean. This includes dolphins, turtles, birds, seals, whales, as well as many fish species that we simply don’t like the taste of. http://www.amcostarica.com/turtle050709.jpg
3- There are 10x less fish today than there were 100 years ago. In 40 years time it is calculated there will be no large fish left in the ocean – and with that an entire eco-system is destroyed. Animals who depend on fish to survive, like seals, whales, dolphins and birds will perish.

• What if the animal lived a beautiful happy life and died really quickly and painlessly? Would it be ok to eat him/her?

Let me answer that with another question – what if a human lived a happy life and died quickly and painlessly – would it be ok to do that because they taste good?
Or a different question – would fur be ok if baby seals were killed quickly? The point is, why kill the seal at all when you have other means to stay warm? Most of us agree that the softness and beauty of their fur is not a justifiable reason to have them killed.
So why eat animals when you can eat plants that feel no pain? Is an animal’s taste a justifiable reason for them to die?
So, of course no suffering would be preferable, but why do it in the first place?
Plus, in today’s world, it’s impossible to achieve a painless life and death and meet the demand.

• I heard a vegan compare eating meat to rape / nazism / racism or something. What’s with that?

What vegans are comparing is the violence involved in all those ideologies.
Nazis were violent towards the Jewish.
Racists are violence towards members of a different race.
Rapists are violent towards the raped, murderers toward the murdered.
Violence is a requirement in meat production and the norm in all the western egg and dairy productions. So by eating animal products (when you have the choice not to) you are supporting a violent ideology.
If you watch footage, http://www.watchearthlings.com, or dare to go undercover to a farm, you may begin to understand the similarities with Nazism – where members of a different species are treated with disregard for their ability to suffer.
“In their behaviour toward creatures, all men are Nazis. Human beings see oppression vividly when they are the victims. Otherwise they victimize blindly and without a thought.”
~Isaac Bashevis Singer

• But cows/chickens/fish are dumb! Why does it matter?

What matters is their ability to feel pain and emotions in the same way that you do. Intelligence is not connected to those abilities.
Also, if that was true then should stupid people have less rights than geniuses? Should mentally disabled people have no rights at all? How about human babies?
Rights should be based on basic interests not on intelligence. An animal, a human, a mentally disabled person, a baby, all have the interest not to feel pain – and they should all be given that right whenever possible.

• I respect your choice, why can’t you respect mine?

In order to answer your question I would like to put things into perspective.
Certain choices that you make do not affect others; like having a tattoo, or believing in gnomes, or liking popcorn or not. Other choices some people make, affect others; like stealing, killing, fighting, etc.
In the same way that you could never respect someone’s decision to steal or murder (in most circumstances) we cannot respect someone’s decision to eat meat, dairy or eggs when there are alternatives available everywhere in our society.
It’s important to note that vegans could respect someone eating meat when it’s not a choice; like if you were stranded in an island and had to kill another animal in order to survive.

• I only buy free range from my local farmer – so I know they are treated well and killed quickly.

I assume this would mean that when you’re not home you are a vegan, since most restaurants and processed foods will include animal ingredients from farms that don’t meet your standards.
Even assuming this to be the case, how sure are you of this? Have you been to the farm and seen the animal enclosures? Do they kill the animals on sight or do they get transported to a slaughterhouse which treats them like all other animals?
I believe that Jonathan Safram Foer said this very well in his book Eating Animals:
“It’s easy to make oneself feel better about it by buying “humane” meat. Unfortunately however there’s no legal definition of humane – it’s simply a label that you have no control over. The margins are low, they can’t afford not to mass produce these animals as through they are objects.
Many people seem to be tempted to continue supporting factory farms while also buying meat outside that system when it is available. That’s nice. But if it is as far as our moral imaginations can stretch, then it’s hard to be optimistic about the future. Any plan that involves funneling money to the factory farm won’t end factory farming. How effective would the Montgomery bus boycott have been if protesters had used the bus when it became inconvenient not to? How effective would a strike be if workers announced they would go back to work as soon as it became difficult to strike?
Before child labor laws, there were businesses that treated their ten-year-old employees well. Society didn’t ban child labor because it’s impossible to imagine children working in a good environment, but because when you give that much power to business over powerless individuals, it’s corrupting. When we talk around thinking we have a greater right to eat an animal than the animal has a right to live without suffering, it’s corrupting.”

• Would it be moral to eat animals if you raised and killed and prepared them yourself?

Not in a world where you don’t discriminate someone based on their species.
Would it be moral to eat a dolphin if you raised and killed him yourself? How about another human?
Would child labor be moral if we treated children well?
Would slavery be moral if we treated them well and killed them “humanely” once they are no longer fit to work?
Simply put there’s no moral way to use and kill someone.
Only when your own survival is at stake would I consider justifiable to kill.

• What’s wrong with eating eggs and dairy? You’re not killing anything!

Sadly the egg and dairy industries are far from the idillic image you may have in your head from schoolbooks and kid’s TV shows.
99% of all animal products consumed in this country come from factory farms. Birds are not protected by any laws so most farmers keep them in the way that’s most profitable, rather than what’s most ethical. This means that 99% of chicken eggs come from chickens who have lived their entire lives inside a cage too small for them to turn around, and in warehouses with air so rancid workers need to wear masks to go in. These chickens won’t last more than a year, even though their lifespan in nature is close to 12 years – but they are easily replaceable.
So how about free range eggs?
Well, firstly the term free-range is not well defined by law, and this often means they are stuck in a large warehouse so tight they can barely move anyway. Because of the crammed conditions they tend to become violent towards one another, so it is standard practice to cut their beaks with a hot metal when they are chicks.
Another issue is that only female chickens can lay eggs, but there is no way to tell them apart before they hatch. So what do they do with the male chicks that are born? They kill them in many different ways, generally the cheapest possible. This includes putting them in a grinder, putting them inside a plastic bag and letting them suffocate, or gassing them.
And what happens to the chickens who are too old to lay eggs?
Most of them die because of the conditions they live in – but the ones who survive are sent to slaughter to have their meat sold for cheap to be used as pet foods, or to put in meat pies, kebabs, etc.
Once again, 99% of them are in factory farms but no matter what farm they are kept in, these practices are common.
As with chickens, only female cows can produce milk, so male calves are often dragged away from their mothers as soon as they are born and left to die. Some farms will sell them to the veal industry which feeds them a diet devoid of iron, and keeps them chained so their muscles don’t develop and their meat remains soft.
The dairy cows, instinctively searches for her baby, never to see him or her again. Now, she will be kept in a small enclosure and milked dry, often until her teats bleed.
When she no longer produces milk, she will be forcefully impregnated again, and the process repeats until she’s too old or too weak to have another baby.
You can watch a video of how they are often treated: Ohio Dairy Farm Brutality
So, since producing milk and eggs normally support violent practices, and since neither are necessary to our survival or good health, we avoid them too.

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